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The aim of the ClerkOne app is to provide a comprehensive and effective study tool for the 2024 Court Clerk and Senior Court Clerk Exams.

It includes edited versions of all the law articles listed on the scope of the 2024 Clerk and Senior Court Clerk exams.

It incorporates suggestions validated during more than 30 years of tutoring experience.



1. Edited Law (Text of all the articles of law that are listed on the scope of the exams, all edited for clarity and study efficiency.)


2. Study Notes (Quality notes on all the articles. The notes have been developed over more than 30 years). They simplify and help to explain the law and increase retention.)


3. True/False Questions

(1450+ Questions) They provide an effective tool to quickly review important facts.


4. Multiple Choice Questions (750+ Questions) They are similar in format to the test.


5. Study Aids (Specially formulated study tools that focus on areas and concepts important on the test.)


6. App Tour (A quick overview of this study app. Includes "How to Study for Court Clerk Exams.")


7. Settings (Here you can switch between the scope of the Associate and Principal Court Clerk exams.)


If at the Main Page the Edited Law or Study Notes button is clicked, the Area of Law page appears.


This page lists the 10 areas of law that are on the Court Clerk and Senior Court Clerk exams.


Edited Laws are comprised of highly modified versions of the actual law articles. They are edited, shortened, restated, and displayed in a manner to increase their value as study tools. They are not the official law articles and are provided solely as study tools, and not as legal reference.


The areas of law listed are:

  Civil Practice Laws and Rules (CPLR)

  Criminal Procedure Law (CPL)

  Penal Law (PL)

  Family Court Act (FCA)

  Uniform Rules for the NYS Trial Courts (S)

  Real Property Actions and Proceedings (RPAPL7)

  Domestic Relations Law (DR)

  Social Services Law (SS)

  Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL)

  Mental Hygiene Law (MHL)

After an area of law is selected, all the articles in that section of law within the scope of the exam are listed. Here you can select an article of law to review. The text of edited LAW for the selected article appears.d edit me. It's easy.





(At the bottom of almost every page of the selected LAW, there is a Sections List link to return to the Article Sections List on the first page of that selected article.)


At the top section of the screen there are 2 LINKS:

The < Article Selection return arrow at the top left of the page returns to the list of articles.)


The Home link at the top right of the page returns to the main page.)

The preceding screens explained the process of selecting and viewing edited article of LAW.

 The same procedure applies to selecting and viewing the study NOTES, True/False, and Multiple Choice questions for selected articles. Article Notes have been prepared by Angelo Tropea. They have been used and revised for Clerk Preparation classes for more than 30 years. The notes are highlights of the articles and are not intended to be comprehensive summaries. We strongly suggest that you read and study the full text of the articles. The notes stress those areas most pertinent to Clerks and therefore most likely to be the subject of exam questions.


True/False Questions are questions on all the articles within the scope of the exam.


They have been carefully designed to both QUIZ and INSTRUCT.


From the True/False button, you can access the over 1,450+ flash card collection. Flash cards are presented in True/False format and are a powerful study tool.


The cards are arranged by article so you can select the focus of your study.

 The program tracks cards that you have difficulty  with so that you may review them later when you wish.ish.



Multiple Choice Questions are designed not only to QUIZ and INSTRUCT, but also to prepare you for the different types of multiple choice questions you may see on the exam, including the more difficult Multiple/Multiple questions where more than just four choices have to be considered to arrive at the correct answer.

After you have answered a question, the "Show Question" button appears at the bottom of the screen. Press it to flip between the correct answer explanation and question. 

ext and edit me. It's easy.


When on the main page you select to be quizzed on True/False or Multiple Choice questions, a page with the above options appears.

The SPECIFIC ARTICLE option provides a quiz on the specific article to be selected.

The DIFFICULT PILE option provides a quiz on the questions that you are having difficulty with.

The QUICK TEST generates a 25 question test from the app's database of  Multiple Choice and True/False Questions.

The CUSTOMIZE TEST option allows you to create your own  test by selecting the number of questions and area of law.

 After you begin to answer questions, your overall score (percentage correct) will appear on the screen and True/False Questions.

True/False and Multiple Choice


As you study with the T/F flash cards (and also the Multiple Choice questions) you will notice a horizontal bar near the question that changes color.

A green horizontal bar indicates that you are answering this question correctly and not having difficulty with this question.


The color bar will change from yellow to orange to red, indicating an increasing level of difficulty you are having with this question.


These questions will appear in your difficult cards pile.


To keep the color performance bar fresh and more meaningful, the ClerkOne program drops old performance and considers only your most recent performance.


Study Aids contains a treasure chest of study tools and memory aids to help you retain the vast amount of material you not only need to understand, but also need to memorize.


By presenting material differently than the usual True/False and Multiple Choice formats, we force our minds to solidify its memory of the subject matter.


One of the study aids is 'legal terms' - a collection of more than 300 essential legal terms to maximize your understanding of the articles.  

The selected terms are all pertinent to clerk exams. Each term is keyed to specific articles.


The Main Page App Tour button button takes us to the ClerkOne App Tour and Disclaimer.

Our ClerkOne App Tour is a visual introduction to the ClerkOne Study App. 

Becoming comfortable with the app will help you maximize your study time.

The Main Page Settings Button
(Here you can switch between the scopes of the Associate and Principal Court Clerk exams or RESET you scores and tracking history.


For inspiration and encouragement as you work hard towards your goal, touch the ClerkOne graphic on the Home Screen. 

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Our email is:

Copyright 1999-2024, Angelo Tropea

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